Legends of the Pekingese

The Common Legend:

A lion and a marmoset fell in love. But the lion was too large. The lion went to the Buddha and told him of his woes. The Buddha allowed the lion to shrink down to the size of the marmoset. The Pekingese is the result.

A lesser know Legend:
A lion fell in love with a butterfly. But the butterfly and lion knew the difference in size was too much to overcome. Together they went to see the Buddha, who allowed their size to meet in the middle. From this, the Pekingese was created.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Penny, no Lincoln, no...Copper...how about Tank?

Hello friends,

I'm excited to introduce you to one of our newer sweeties.  A beautiful little angel that is sugary sweet.  When I went to Wylie to pick this sweetie up she was named Penny.  What a fitting name for one with such beautiful coppery red hair.  I was so excited to meet her but she was terribly timid.  She seemed so happy to be out of her area and able to walk and run but cautious of me.  Who is that curly headed crazy woman with dog leashes around her neck instead of pearls?

So I checked Penny out and along with another sweetie we were headed home.  Now, Penny had a nasty little head on her and it looked to my un-trained eye like mange.  Having other pups at home my first priority was to get her vetted. 

Well getting her into the crate in the car was interesting.  Penny had a lot of fur and she is solid.  Weighing in at 18 pounds she barely fit into the crate.  But the drive home was about 45 minutes so I didn't want to risk her running loose or attacking me if it turned out that she hated cars.

Needless to say Penny did amazing in the car.  This girl came from a life of travel because she hopped right in and settled down easily (once I squeezed her into the crate).  She rested quietly during the drive and did great with the leash walking into Doc's office for her check-up. 

While I waited for Doc (he squeezed us in between appointments) Penny became a little more comfortable with me.  She came close and sniffed my hands and let me scratch her back.  Finally Doc was able to meet with us and began his exam.  The exam involves a physical check along with blood work, ears, eyes, and so forth.  During the exam Doc said something I didn't quite expect...."Jenn, you know that Penny has a penis don't you?". 

Yep, Penny is a boy.  Her fur was so thick and so matted that I couldn't see the "evidence".  I wasn't about to feel Penny up so I trusted my eyes and what the shelter told me.  Yep, won't do that again!

After laughing for a bit - Doc was laughing at my surprise and I was laughing at Doc's announcement - we started discussing names.  Hmm...Lincoln to keep in line with the name Penny.  No...that's a BIG name for such a little dog.  How about Copper?  Well, not bad but Copper makes me think of Coppertank, a popular local bar from the 90's.  No, not that but what about Tank?  This fella is built like one, low to the ground, stocky and unbreakable!

Tank has a face that several have told me they think is a bit scary.  I don't see that, haven't for one minute.  I see sad eyes, heavy with confusion.  I see a nose curious about what's around him.  I see a mouth that hides a tongue that gives kisses at every possible chance.  I see a gentle soul. 

Tank hasn't barked yet.  He growled once but only when he thought another dog was getting rough with me.  Tank doesn't get on the furniture except for my bed.  From the first night all he has wanted to do is sleep on the bed.  He crawls into his crate without coaching and can snore as loud as a lumberjack. 

Tank wags his tail, watches me for positive reinforcement and likes to be scratched.  He doesn't understand why I want to carry him against my chest but that will come in time.  Of course, at 18 pounds I'm not carrying him a lot!  LOL 

Tank is heartworm positive but healthy as a horse other than that.  His hair issues were actually allergy related and not mange.  Whew!  With a week of steroids mixed with peanut butter his hair has begun to grow back. 

I want good things for all of my fosters but for Tank I really do.  This is a loving little dog that wants to please.  He hasn't shown much interest in playing with the other pups or running so he would probably do best with a relaxed home.  He doesn't mind the other dogs, just doesn't really care either. 

If you would be interested in learning more about Tank or making a donation towards his heartworm treatment, please visit our donation link at http://pekesandyou.com/Donate.aspx and select the Texas chapter.  All donations go 100% to the pups in our care.

Ok, one more look at this face!

Best wishes and high hopes,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekingese

Monday, August 29, 2011

Did you hear about the 2 girls from East Texas?

August was an eventful month full of new fosters.  Two of our newest fosters came to us via a breeder that claims she is getting out of the business.  These 2 are tiny, one just under 10 lbs and one barely over 10 lbs.  Both were timid, unsure of being held, curious but scared, trusting but fearful and though neglected - full of immense love. 

Lucy is a beautiful little red Pekingese around 6 years in age.  She was given to this breeder by another that was also getting out of the business.  The woman I collected Lucy from kept her outside and didn't even name her.  Just called her Peke.  Lucy is the most fearful; she remains low to the ground and shy when approached.  But she wants love so badly and slowly warmed up.  Her fur was so matted from living outside that she had to be fully shaved.  This poor angel had dead bugs, bugs people, in her fur and years of stench from her own waste.  She hated being at the groomers and while she wiggled to get away she didn't bite, didn't growl and allowed the groomers to pet her.

Callie is a beautiful little Shih Tzu that is 3 years old.  This little girl had recently had a litter of puppies and was considered to "be like family" to the breeder.  This sweetie was FILTHY and stank of waste.  While her fur wasn't as matted as Lucy's there wasn't any indication that she was loved or cared for.  Callie is slightly more social and warmed up to us a little sooner.  She loves being around other dogs and playing and after 2 weeks was scratching to sit in our laps or sleep in the bed.

So these angels were both un-altered and HW+.  Their first week with us was one of gentle gestures, soft words, reinforcement of positive behavior and attempts to hold them.  At the end of the week both were allowing us to hold them, playing together non-stop and playing with the other pups.  Callie grew to love being held and Lucy was allowing us to hold her but not relaxing.

At the end of week 1 we had great news though!  Two different families were interested.  Erica became smitten with Lucy and Angela became smitten with Callie.  Two AMAZING families with other dogs and a long history of caring for animals.  When Erica met Lucy I cried.  Lucy relaxed in Erica's arms!!  Erica held her and little Lucy just let go of her legs and relaxed.  This was the most Lucy had trusted anyone, probably anyone ever.  Needless to say, Erica melted and her heart was claimed by Lucy.  I cry now even thinking of it - truly one of the most beautiful moments I've witnessed between a dog and a human.  Lucy and Erica visited again before their adoption day and the bond deepened.   Callie met her new family on a Sunday morning outside of PetsMart.  Angela brought her 2 boxer girls (and her husband, lol).  Callie was curious but very shy.  Certainly understandable.  But it didn't deter Angela and her family.  They were in love. 

Over the next week the girls were spayed and recovered quickly at my place.  The following Monday they began their heartworm treatment.  With mixed emotions I took them that Monday to the vet.  First, heartworm treatment is not easy for any dog to undergo, especially 2 that are so tiny.  Second, both families were picking up the girls on Wednesday once their procedures were completed.  That meant I had to say goodbye.  Goodbye to my shy little Lucy with the huge golden eyes and goodbye to my little Muppet baby that had begun stealing my underwear from the hamper. 

Each girl did great through the heartworm treatment.  They were snuggled together in a cage and comforted each other, played and slept on each other.  I went to see them while they were there so I could have some private time to hold them and tell them I loved them.  Then Wednesday came.  Then 5:00pm came.  That mean it was time to introduce everyone to Erica's dog Lucy and Angela's dog Callie.  Not my girls, someone else's.

Ahhh....what an incredible afternoon!!!!  Both families met me at the vet so that they could talk about after-care directly with Doc Norris.  I am the luckiest rescuer to have a vet that was totally on board with this and encouraged it!  So Erica came in first and Lucy, now named Chloe remembered her and relaxed against Erica's chest.  She knew her Mommy!! Next Callie got to meet her new family.  Angela has 3 kids and a certain little girl wouldn't put her new Callie down!  Callie is going to be spoiled by her sister and I suspect dressed constantly.  LOL

It's been just under a week and so far all is going well with these 2 girls from East Texas in their new homes.  Callie had a bath and turns out she isn't too fond of baths.  LOL  She loves curling up with her new Mommy and Daddy and her brothers and sister are excited about getting to play with her once the heartworm treatment "rest window" is over.  Chloe is doing well and healing.  She loves to snuggle next to her Mommy and her Mommy is anxious to be able to do more with her after the rest window.  Chloe will have a great time playing with her cousin soon, an adorable little chi-weenie!

Rescuing is amazing.  I'm so honored to be part of these animal's lives, even if briefly.  And so touched that the people that adopt these angels recognize their unique beauty.  Each animal that comes into my life has a story and now Lucy's and Callie's story is enriched because they are in their fur-ever homes.  This "business" isn't for everyone but if you have the desire to do it GO FOR IT.  The love you feel and receive is more rewarding than anything I have ever experienced.

Erica and Angela - thank you for coming into the lives of Chloe (Lucy) and Callie.  I treasure you for your immediate desire to care for them.

Best wishes everyone,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekingese

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We met Milo last month when animal control had to take all of the animals from a hoarder.  Hoarders often believe that they can save every animal and feel a need to collect them.  Most often they realize they are in over their heads but their heart is so big that they can't stop trying.  I appreciate the intent of hoarders but in the end, their need ends up hurting the animals.  They cannot afford the care necessary and the animals will suffer. 

Milo definately came from a home of love.  He isn't shy, loves to be near us and while he doesn't snuggle or kiss he very much wants to be touched and near.  suffers from dry eye.  He is skinny but given his appetite we'll get past that quickly.  

Milo is blind.  His hearing is very strong and he  has a talent for knowing where everyone is. 

Milo is HW- and healthy.  He's about 8-10 years of age and has only barked a few times.  He is good with the other dogs but doesn't spend much time with them though he will play for a few minutes here and there with them. 

If you are interested in fostering or adoption, please contact me at pekesandyoutx@gmail.com.  Please visit our website if you would like to donate to his care.  While he is healthy his initial vetting expenses were higher than usual because we had to treat an ear and eye infection.  Visit our website at http://www.pekesandyou.com/ to make a donation.

Thanks everyone!!


Otis is the cutest little boy!  I think he's mixed with a yellow lab, not really sure but he's adorable.  This little guy joined us from Fort Worth.  He was a stray and was found with a harness and he had been recently groomed.  Sadly, no one claimed him so the shelter asked us to step in.

Otis is about 15lbs, young-adult, neutered and HW+.  It makes me so frustrated that for $5.00 a month Heartworms can be prevented.  Now this angel has had to endure heartworm treatment.

But he has come around and is a lively, energetic little boy.  He's full of personality, loves his treats and enjoys sleeping with the other pups.

If you are interested in fostering or adoption, please contact me.  If you are unable to do either, pleaese donate to his medical expenses by visiting http://www.pekesandyou.com/ .  To reach me, you can find me on Facebook (see badge on right side of screen) or email me at pekesandyoutx@gmail.com.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


We were lucky enough to receive an email about Max from a shelter volunteer at the Farmers Branch Animal Shelter.  Which is a wonderful shelter - clean, rescue friendly and operated by animal lovers.  So grateful to them for all that they do!

Max was surrendered to the shelter by a family that found him over the July 4th weekend.  He was timid, scared and had a terrible puncture wound to his eye.  The family was unsure how to care for him so they did the best thing by taking him to the shelter.  The shelter staff cleaned him up, treated his eye the best that they could then looked for a rescue group to help.  We were so lucky to get him because he is a cutie pie!!!

Max is a slightly built little boy.  He weighs in at 13 lbs and is very sweet.  We tried to treat his eye but in the end, it had to be removed.  Max was a trooper and let me care for him without flinching, growling or hiding.   We love Maxi and he was a treat to have around.  Why am I talking in past-tense?  Because Maxi was adopted yesterday!!!!  Maxi actually was adopted by the family that originally found him.  They are a wonderful family and the eldest son just couldn't stop thinking of Max.  He missed him and his parents agreed that Maxi needed to come back to their home.

Maxi, now named Charlie, will have a wonderful life with them and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him.  We love you Charlie and are so grateful to have had you in our life.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Dear friends,
Last weekend was so heartbreaking.  We lost our little Daphne.  Daphne was so frail and weak but we thought she was starting to get stronger.  But, she woke one morning and she knew it was her time.  I took her outside where she tried to get far away from me and had a seizure.  She passed in the ER but not before I gave her dozens of kisses and whispered to her how much she was loved. 

Our little Daphne is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us.  We love you Daphne.

A few days prior to Daphne passing we lost Tracey.  Tracey was a rescue from Fort Worth that was an owner surrender.  She was so broken, literally.  Broken bones and several internal injuries.  I was with her for less than a few hours before I was forced to make the decision none of us like to make - it was time to let her go.  The ER Vet advised that no matter what was done to help her that she would never recover, would always be in pain.  My heart was so heavy, and still is, for her life and death.  No animal should EVER be abused, neglected or forgotten.  Tracey, though I only knew you briefly, I will always treasure and love you. 

Lastly, my Mom's Chi - Fawn - died on July 4th.  Fawny was 12 and the love of my Mom's life.  She was such a wonderful dog, full of spirit and personality.  So smart and loving.  In May she was diagnosed with a heart murmur and swelling of the heart.  Even though she was on meds it just kept getting worse and an xray revealed that the swelling was so great that more than likely she had a tumor in her heart.  With tears, confusion, anger, sadness and guilt my Mom let her go.  All of you know, that even when we know it's time to let our baby pass with dignity that it isn't done without so many mixed emotions.  Time has stopped our tears from being as constant but hasn't erased our longing for her bark, little kisses and constant barks for treats at 9 pm.  Fawn, I miss you my little sister. 

We love all of you sweet angels.  Until we see you at the Rainbow Bridge...

Monday, July 18, 2011

King Update

Dear Peke friends,
King has recovered so well from his car accident.   His eye has fully healed and he hasn't any pain remaining.  On July 12th he was neutered so as of this week, he is ready for adoption!!

This one is tugging at my heart though.  He is spirited, funny, smart, stubborn, loving, mischievous, playful, cuddly and just so dang cute! 

I think he is actually younger than 3.  Because he acts a bit like a puppy at times; maybe he's just making up for not having a fun puppy-hood.  He loves to take my hand in his mouth and pretend to chew.  He loves to steal whatever craft I'm working on.  But funniest of all, he hides things.  I've found rawhides in every corner of my bedroom and on the shelf of my nightstand.  Stinker!  LOL

He LOVES being with other dogs.  He is a cuddler and always wants to cuddle up with the others.  Of course, that could also be because he thinks the girls are his harem. 

King would be great with a family that has kids that are tweens or older.  If you are interested in adoption, please visit the Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue site:  http://www.pekesandyou.com/

Best wishes and high hopes to all,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello Peke friends!

What a bittersweet few weeks it's been here in Texas.  But for this entry, it's all about the sweet!  And talk about sweet, our newest foster is Daphne.  This little love is a senior and was a stray in the Arlington, TX area.  Poor sweet Daphne has all sorts of challenges but she is a curious, loving little girl.

Daphne's biggest challenge is that she is HW+.  In the Southern United States heartworms are a terribly common problem that is so easy to prevent.  Unfortunately little Daphne wasn't on preventative and developed HWs.  Not sure how long she has had them but because of her age our Vet has advised that we need to take a less aggressive approach to treatment.  For those of you that might follow my other blog, http://www.theprettypekingese.com/ , you've read about Sandy.  Sandy underwent HW treatment and we took a very aggressive approach.  Hers was a mild case and because she was young at the time she could withstand the treatment.  She's doing wonderful now and is the healthiest (and most vocal) of all my Pekes.  Since our little Daphne is at least 10 years old we are more cautious. 

Treatment involves giving her Heartgard once a month.  Normally, this is used as a preventative but when a dog has heartworms this will kill any new larvae and worms.  Given each month the severity of the heartworms will not likely increase since we'll be killing any new ones.  The existing ones will live 1-3 years so until we get a clean bill of health, she'll be tested every 6 months to determine the severity of her heartworms and ensure that this direction is still best for her. 

Her heartworms are mild, so I'm confident this process will work for her.  We do have to keep her relatively calm but at her age, she's not exactly running marathons around the house with the other pups.  LOL

In addition to heartworms, Daphne is almost completely blind and she has problems with her hips.  But she has such spirit!!!  She has explored the house dozens of times and has memorized where her favorite "landmarks" are like the water bowl, the drapes closest to the AC vent (she likes to lay on the drapes that used to look very chic pooled on the floor)...  She is also great with the other dogs in the house.  She loves them and always wants to be near them. 

Her hips aren't causing her too much trouble, she takes an anti-inflammatory twice a day which has made her a different little angel than the one I originally met.

Daphne is available for adoption but will need to go to a home that is open to caring for a special needs angel.  But believe me, the extra effort that is needed are worth it.  The love you receive back is priceless!

Here's Daphne during an early evening play session...

More information about Daphne and all of the available Pekes from Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue can be found on their website.  If you are interested in a Pekes, please always consider a rescue first. 

Best wishes and high hopes,
Jennie and all the Pretty Pekes

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue

Hi friends,
A couple of months ago I "met" online Natalie Seibert, the founder of Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue.  This organizaton is based in the OKC, OK area and is focused on rescuing Pekingese and placing them in furever homes.  Her team has pulled more than several dozen in 4 months and placed more than half already.  She's doing amazing work and I've been honored that she has trusted me to help her with DFW pulls and transports. 

Becaue there are so many Pekingese angels in the DFW area she has asked me to be her DFW contact and I couldn't be more honored.  It's going to be a busy next few week getting things started but I'm really excited.  Thanks Nat for letting me help you and helping me live my dream.


More news to come as this effort gets started.  Wish me luck!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Update on Lucky

Lucky was adopted today!!!!!!!!  Congratulations Lucky- may you have a wonderful life in your fur-ever home!  XOXO

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A newly groomed King

Hello friends,
King had his first formal grooming this week and looks so handsome.  I couldn't resist sharing these pictures.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


King is doing well and his eye is improving each day.  The redness has subsided and the bluish hue is fading some.  Thank you for all of your prayers and positive energy - we just may be able to save the eye!

His cough is still present but not as bad as before.  I feel comfortable letting him out of the crate to roam with the girls.  They are so cute - they walk in groups throughout the house.  I call it the Puppy Parade. 

King has learned how to use the dog door and is coming in and out on his own - so pleased to know he really is housebroken.  He is relatively quiet and getting used to the sounds of our home.  From time to time he'll bark but stops when I ask him to.  I just wish my dear Sandy would learn to stop barking!

Here are pictures from last night...

Lots of love,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update on Charlie

Little Charlie has been adopted into a fur-ever home in the DFW area!  His Mommy has another Peke and they have become quick friends!  Congratulations Charlie!!!

Saturday Morning with Doc

Hi dear friends,
We wanted to share some images of our morning with you.  Four of our girls needed their annual exams and shots.  Always an interesting trip when taking multiples to the vet!

Ginger (left) and Sandy (right) patiently waiting for someone to come in and greet them.  (Ginger seems to be getting quite a bum on her these days! I see a diet in her future.)

Fawn refused to look...she tried to pretend that she didn't want to be there or see anyone but...

in the end she couldn't resist watching the door too.  The girls know they'll get lots of love from the team at Bridge Street Animal Clinic.
Even little Pepper came out of hiding when she heard everyone getting closer!

Best wishes,
Jennie and the girls

Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello friends,
I'd like to introduce you to King.  King is my new foster and will be staying with me until he finds a furever home.  He's a sweet male Pom / Peke mix that is approximately 3 years old.  He made his way to my home through a sad series of events. 

Somewhere in his life he became a stray and living on the streets has given him an appearance of a much older dog.  He is underweight, instinctively hides food (buries it under his pillow in the crate) and is somewhat timid.  Around May 25th he was struck by a car; lucky for him the incident was witnessed by a wonderful rescuer, Sarah, who also volunteers at the Fort Worth Animal Shelter.  She took him in and they began caring for him but due to his injuries they would only release to a rescue.  Sarah and I corresponded A LOT trying to find a rescue for him and in the end, she pulled him (she has a 501C rescue group named Forgotten Tails) and is allowing me to foster him.  She is his guardian angel I believe.

So King's eye was injured during the accident and sadly he hasn't any sight in it.  I fear it will need to be removed.  He's adjusting though and starting to get better at not walking into things like the wall.  Poor baby.  Lastly, this little angel developed kennel cough while in the shelter.  Not uncommon but what a challenge to fight.  He's been coughing non-stop for a week and I can't seem to sleep more than a foot away from him each night.  Scratching his chest seems to relax him and ease the cough.

Are you curious of how he's named King?  Well....the day I picked him up a friend and I turned around after he sneezed.  For a moment the fur on his head was standing straight up (combination of the AC and the sneeze).  We looked at each other and immediately knew...he fur looks like Don King's hair.  LOLOLOL

As soon as I can get the cough resolved this little man is getting neutered and posted for adoption with Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue.  I am smitten with him and just know that whatever home he chooses will be better off for having him.  Please keep him in your Peke prayers!

Once he's feeling well enough for a professional grooming (rather than my pathetic attempt with scissors) I'll post new photos.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Charlie and his little Friend

Well, dear friends, one thing I'm learning about this new journey is that there are a lot of forgotten dogs in our state.  I had the honor of pulling 2 dogs June 3 (Friday) from the Saginaw Animal Control.  What wonderful people that work there - everyone was so generous with their time and heart.  Their facility is nice, clean and FULL of animals.  So sad to see so many angels waiting for fur-ever homes.

But my efforts were to collect Charlie, a young male Pekingese and a young male Silky that I temporarily named Georgie.  Both couldn't have been more than a 18 months and relatively healthy. 

Charlie was an owner surrender because they didn't want to care for his skin allergies.  Sadly, they had rescued him from the Roanoke animal shelter only a few weeks prior meaning Charlie hadn't known stability for some time.  Charlie weighs about 10 lbs and is un-altered.  His little personality was HUGE.  His tail wags non-stop, he's full of kisses and curiosity.  He was calm and got along wonderfully with the Silky and with my girls.  Adorable.  Charlie is currently being fostered with Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue out of Oklahoma.

Charlie you are in my prayers.  May you find a wonderfully loving fur-ever home.

The Silky (Georgie) is a young, un-altered male that was found as a stray.  His sweet hair was matted and covered in burrs but he didn't let that phase him.  He is so sweet, calm and LOVED my girls.  They played so hard running and chasing in the backyard.  Neither showed any food agression and Georgie just wanted to explore and play.  He is still very full of puppy energy but appears to be housebroken!  Best of both worlds!  Here's little Georgie who is with a foster family associated with Oklahoma Boston Terrier & Small Dog Yorkie Rescue Society.  My heart is so full of hope for him - what a great pet for a family he'll be.  Prayers to Georgie and high hopes that you find a fur-ever home!

Dear sweet fur-babies...may you have a life full of happiness,safety and love.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.

Best wishes,