Legends of the Pekingese

The Common Legend:

A lion and a marmoset fell in love. But the lion was too large. The lion went to the Buddha and told him of his woes. The Buddha allowed the lion to shrink down to the size of the marmoset. The Pekingese is the result.

A lesser know Legend:
A lion fell in love with a butterfly. But the butterfly and lion knew the difference in size was too much to overcome. Together they went to see the Buddha, who allowed their size to meet in the middle. From this, the Pekingese was created.

Monday, July 18, 2011

King Update

Dear Peke friends,
King has recovered so well from his car accident.   His eye has fully healed and he hasn't any pain remaining.  On July 12th he was neutered so as of this week, he is ready for adoption!!

This one is tugging at my heart though.  He is spirited, funny, smart, stubborn, loving, mischievous, playful, cuddly and just so dang cute! 

I think he is actually younger than 3.  Because he acts a bit like a puppy at times; maybe he's just making up for not having a fun puppy-hood.  He loves to take my hand in his mouth and pretend to chew.  He loves to steal whatever craft I'm working on.  But funniest of all, he hides things.  I've found rawhides in every corner of my bedroom and on the shelf of my nightstand.  Stinker!  LOL

He LOVES being with other dogs.  He is a cuddler and always wants to cuddle up with the others.  Of course, that could also be because he thinks the girls are his harem. 

King would be great with a family that has kids that are tweens or older.  If you are interested in adoption, please visit the Pekes and You Pekingese Rescue site:  http://www.pekesandyou.com/

Best wishes and high hopes to all,
Jennie and the Pretty Pekes

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