Legends of the Pekingese

The Common Legend:

A lion and a marmoset fell in love. But the lion was too large. The lion went to the Buddha and told him of his woes. The Buddha allowed the lion to shrink down to the size of the marmoset. The Pekingese is the result.

A lesser know Legend:
A lion fell in love with a butterfly. But the butterfly and lion knew the difference in size was too much to overcome. Together they went to see the Buddha, who allowed their size to meet in the middle. From this, the Pekingese was created.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Otis is the cutest little boy!  I think he's mixed with a yellow lab, not really sure but he's adorable.  This little guy joined us from Fort Worth.  He was a stray and was found with a harness and he had been recently groomed.  Sadly, no one claimed him so the shelter asked us to step in.

Otis is about 15lbs, young-adult, neutered and HW+.  It makes me so frustrated that for $5.00 a month Heartworms can be prevented.  Now this angel has had to endure heartworm treatment.

But he has come around and is a lively, energetic little boy.  He's full of personality, loves his treats and enjoys sleeping with the other pups.

If you are interested in fostering or adoption, please contact me.  If you are unable to do either, pleaese donate to his medical expenses by visiting http://www.pekesandyou.com/ .  To reach me, you can find me on Facebook (see badge on right side of screen) or email me at pekesandyoutx@gmail.com.


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