Legends of the Pekingese

The Common Legend:

A lion and a marmoset fell in love. But the lion was too large. The lion went to the Buddha and told him of his woes. The Buddha allowed the lion to shrink down to the size of the marmoset. The Pekingese is the result.

A lesser know Legend:
A lion fell in love with a butterfly. But the butterfly and lion knew the difference in size was too much to overcome. Together they went to see the Buddha, who allowed their size to meet in the middle. From this, the Pekingese was created.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We were lucky enough to receive an email about Max from a shelter volunteer at the Farmers Branch Animal Shelter.  Which is a wonderful shelter - clean, rescue friendly and operated by animal lovers.  So grateful to them for all that they do!

Max was surrendered to the shelter by a family that found him over the July 4th weekend.  He was timid, scared and had a terrible puncture wound to his eye.  The family was unsure how to care for him so they did the best thing by taking him to the shelter.  The shelter staff cleaned him up, treated his eye the best that they could then looked for a rescue group to help.  We were so lucky to get him because he is a cutie pie!!!

Max is a slightly built little boy.  He weighs in at 13 lbs and is very sweet.  We tried to treat his eye but in the end, it had to be removed.  Max was a trooper and let me care for him without flinching, growling or hiding.   We love Maxi and he was a treat to have around.  Why am I talking in past-tense?  Because Maxi was adopted yesterday!!!!  Maxi actually was adopted by the family that originally found him.  They are a wonderful family and the eldest son just couldn't stop thinking of Max.  He missed him and his parents agreed that Maxi needed to come back to their home.

Maxi, now named Charlie, will have a wonderful life with them and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him.  We love you Charlie and are so grateful to have had you in our life.

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  1. Oh I am sooo happy for Max..uh..Charlie! Poor little baby to have had to go through so much..but good things came to him..thanks YOU!